About CCHS

The Centre for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is a public research institution whose mission is to contribute to the advancement of society by producing and transferring relevant knowledge from the Human and Social Sciences. 

Its creation in 2007 has been the most significant step taken by the CSIC in its history in the area of Human and Social Sciences. In fact, the CCHS (according to the Spanish abbreviation) arises from the integration of six research institutes:

Institute of History (IH)

Institute of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (ILC)

Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology (ILLA)

Institute of Economy, Geography y Demography (IEGD)

Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP)

Institute of Philosophy (IFS) 

The research in these Institutes covers a great variety of topics and provide the opportunity for developping multidisciplinary studies. 

With more than 500 people working at the CCHS, its main vocation is to encourage scientific research in its 18 departments and its 62 research groups.

Its library, the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library, is a research library that provides services and scientific information resources to the humanities and social sciences research community. It has developed a highly computerised environment for services and collection control. It has applied the RFID technology to the free access documents (monographs and serials) and offers services like lending and accounts control in a self-service way. It also offers on-line services to the virtual users like information, reference, interlibrary lending, etc. 

Video presentation of the CCHS