Ciclo de conferencias "From Text to History: Philological Approaches to the Ancient Near East"

Vie, 01-04-2022; 02:00 hasta Vie, 24-06-2022; 02:00
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Online event by Zoom (link  Meeting ID: 875 2997 3386 - Passcode: 331453)

Every Friday at 6:00 pm CET 

Organizers and hosts: Armando Bramanti (ILC-CSIC) and  Alexander Johannes Edmonds (IHAC - NENU, Changchun)

When discussing approaches to the vast field of Ancient Near Eastern (or Western Asian) studies,Assyriology is often fragmented into philology and history the study of the texts, and theircontextualisation into broader models and theories respectively. However, such a clear distinction isartificial. In fact, these two approaches constantly mutually influence and complement one another.Just as philological research provides new information for historical reconstructions, so too canhistorical models provide new contexts in which to understand these texts.

April 1 st - Alexander Johannes Edmonds (IHAC - NENU, Changchun)
From Asimānum to Gaugamela: New Findings in the Historical Geography of Northern Iraq from Narām-Sîn to Alexander

April 8 th - Annakrisztina Pintér (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)
Stylistics, Word Choice, and Their Implications in Sumerian Mythic Narratives. An Examination with aSpecial Focus on Satire, Irony, and Social Class

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